Sunday, February 28, 2010

My farewell to English

Taking English 240 was a challenge for me. English has never been my strong subject. When I think about writing, I generally get sick to my stomach at the thought of having to write a well organized paper. The research part is easy it’s just putting it into words. I was surprised that this class was a little less difficult for me versus my English 101, but I believe it had to do with how well organized Mrs. Jennings was and so quick to help. I was uneasy about the APA format but she made it extremely easy for me to wrap my mind around it. I believe because of this class I been able to refine my writing skills. I also learned about blogging which I thought I would never do, and I learned that I write like I talk, which results in wordiness. I really learned a lot about euphemisms and enjoyed reading my fellow classmates euphemisms. The inductive and deductive was something else that was new to me. I am glad I learned these and feel that I definitely have better understanding of the writing process now.
In weeks ones writing assignment, my goal was to get better at English, which I feel I have accomplished. Although I know I will always be weak this area, my self esteem is a little higher when it comes to writing. I feel I exceeded my expectations and learned more than I thought I would have with less stress than my former English class. I believe my expectations were exceeded by the fact that I had to push myself into learning a new writing format, APA, which proved difficult for me. Even though I was pulling my hair out at first, I am glad I was able to conquer it because I might have to use it in my Engineering classes and would not want to struggle with the paper format in that type of class.
If I took this class again, I would try to get a better grip on all the writing formats to be better prepared. I think I would have also tried to spend a little more time on the research for my research paper to make it stronger. I felt I could have done a little better had I not had such a difficult time with understanding the APA format; it took more of my time than I was expecting. I think everything else I would do the same. I felt confident with all my blogs and writing assignments.
As for my grade, well of course I would like to say an A, but if I were the Professor, according to the work displayed I would most likely give my work a B+. Although taking into consideration the amount of time and frustration I, the student, put in and went through, plus how much I learned, which is the real point to this class, I would consider a low A-. Considering this is my weakest subject and I strived to learn what was at hand and actually learned a great deal.

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